About Us

Being proactive in the security and availability of your network should be a high priority of all IT staff within your organization. With the cooperation of senior management, your network can become the platform that permits you to take advantage of new technology to enhance internal and external electronic communications.

The larger a company, the more it relies on a secure, reliable and scalable data network. If your company has more than one location, then the network between the offices should be secured via encryption. External gateways should have firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention to watch for unauthorized attempts to access your systems, and alert you to any potential violations. Internally, Authentication, Access Control and Accounting (AAA) servers provide a centralized user management platform, ensuring that personnel only have access to applications and information that they need. Web and Mail filtering technology should be used to insure compliance with your HR policy, remove viruses, and reduce the load on your mail server from spam.

Our Team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced network security consultants, each with a minimum of ten years in the field of computer systems and networks, and at least five years of specialization in the field of network security. Our consultants have a passion for building integrated, ‘defense in depth’ security architectures for small, medium and large enterprises. Our expertise shows in our ability to take best of breed products, and integrate them into a manageable security platform based upon your needs.

We are continually evaluating new products and technologies to ensure our customers have the best commercially available solutions at their fingertips. Scalable solutions are a priority, to leverage your investment as your network grows and your needs change. Although our expertise is focused on Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems, Authentication systems, Anti Virus solutions, and Web and Mail filtering systems – our knowledge includes a thorough understanding of network protocols and operating systems that these applications are built on top of.