Company Highlight —Medigate

We’re pleased to highlight our newest company partnership. If you have responsibility for health system medical device management, (biomed/clinical engineering), drop what you’re doing and call us.

Medigate is currently the only focused Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) security solution provider in the world and we’re one of its most successful, premier integration partners. To be clear, not IoT, but IoMT, as they’re not the same by a long shot.

As care networks continue to fragment, the use of both wired and wireless medical devices is exploding. Electronic health records (EHRs) communicate with these devices, so the vulnerabilities are of high concern. Simply put, if bad actors can steal patient data, they can modify it or possibly worse, take control of a device connected to a patient.

Already counting several major U.S. health systems as clients, Medigate and Proactive Networks & Security are working closely to scale the delivery of this desperately needed and timely solution.


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